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28 June 2016 – Corrinda to South Alligator NT

We had located an overnight stop some 100k’s from where we were staying where the cost is $20 per night including power.  The Aurora Kakadu Resort only had a limited number of powered sites and they are let on a first come, best dressed basis.

With the temperature expected to remain around the 35c mark, we decided to head straight to the new location and secure power for our air-conditioning.  And that is what we did.

We left around 8:40am, stopped at the dump point and then had an uneventful drive to South Alligator and the Aurora Kakadu Resort when we booked a powered site.

After setup, we took our friends back to Jaburu.  We had intended to visit the lookout at Ubirr but the rising temperature made us decide not to tempt fate with heat stroke.  In hindsight, we should have gone there and completed part of the climb to experience some of the view.

After stopping in Jabaru for a short time, we returned to our campsite to “veg out” until happy hour.  “He” used that time to catch-up on this blog.

In the shad of several trees, four couples enjoyed happy hour.  The other couple had decided to extend the Corrinda stay by one day.  Happy hour ceased when insects started to invade our space.  We all went separate ways for the evening.

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