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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



1 July 2016 – Darwin NT

As this blog is being written, “He” is currently sitting in the lounge at the Darwin Nissan dealer, Kerry Motors.  A minor service was booked before leaving Sydney.  Arriving at the dealer for a 7:30am booking, “He” was asked to remain with the vehicle where he was met by a service representative.  The service was discussed including the cost and a business card for the service representative responsible for the service was provided.  Other Nissan Dealer take note, this was service at its best!  Very impressive!

Unfortunately later in the morning “He” was informed that there was some scoring on the front brakes.  Both the brake pads and the rotors were replaced before we started this trip.

When the service representative was questioned about the problem, “He” was informed that the cause of the problem was either the brakes not being bedding in properly after the replacement or something getting caught. Either explanation is the possible cause as the dealer in Sydney originally informed us that the brakes were OK for the entire trip and then just before we left (when we were getting our other car serviced and “He” asked about the condition of the Navara brakes when the car was serviced in February), we were told they were only marginal (in February).  Considering our safety, they were replaced immediately and we only had a short time and distance to “bed in” the brakes before we left.  Also, the amount of off-road driving we have done on this trip could have resulted in something being caught.  We will never know and it cost $88 to rectify the problem.

Once the service was completed, “He” had the service representative (Sharon) join him in the lounge area where the results of the service were discussed in details.  The service representative also brought the credit card machine with her and the transaction was completed there.  In 48 years of driving, “He” has never received such personal service.   Kerry Motor Group, take a bow, you and your staff deserve it.  Well done!!

Later in the day “He” collected a part for the Nissan that had been ordered when we were in Port Augusta.  Unfortunately we were given the wrong part number.  We paid for the part in-advance and also paid for freight.  Kerry Motor Group were able to provide the correct part and also made a full adjustment for the cost of the wrong part and the freight.  Once again, great service.

We are hopeful of obtaining a replacement toilet switch whilst in Darwin and will know later today.

We visited the Australian Aviation Heritage Centre at Darwin Airport.  Major features of the museum are an American B52 bomber and an F-111.  We saw videos relating to the bombing of Darwin during WW2 and also a video about the B52.  The museum was well worth the visit.

We enjoyed our usual happy hour before deciding that we would all watch a movie together outside one of the RV’s.

That we did.  Today was also Territory Day and we watched and heard fireworks from dusk until late in the evening.

We decided not to run air conditioning for the night and ran the fan instead.  This worked well.

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