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21 June 2016 – Barrow Creek to “The Pebbles (Janjarra”) – near Tennant Creek NT

During happy hour on the 20th, the group decided to make the short journey to the “Devils Marbles” (120k’s) on the following day.  We originally planned to stay at Ti Tree and not Barrow Creek hence the short distance to the Devils Marbles.

We slept in.  Rather than our 7:00am rise, we got up at 7:30am.

Immediately following breakfast, “He” flew the quad copter with the sole intention of an aerial picture of the hotel.  This was done however the software running the quad returned an error indicating that the battery should have been warmed before flight.  How clever. I actually was a little cool at that time.

Before our departure one of the couples questioned the short leg today which was to be followed by two legs each over 300k’s over the next two days.  It was suggested that rather than staying at the Devils Marbles, we continue to Tennant Creek and a free camp about 18k’s north.  We all agreed to the change.

Just after 10:00am, we departed Barrow Creek and headed firstly to Wycliffe Well where we refuelled at $1.26cpl.  This has to be the cheapest fuel in the territory.  Last time we were there we don’t recall a fuel outlet being there and the adjacent caravan park was operating under the Big4 banner.

Next stop was at the Devils Marbles where we stopped for about an hour.  “He” flew the quad copter and obtained some great video and stills.

Next stop was at Tennant Creek, again for fuel and also for lunch.  The fuel was dearer than Wycliffe Well.  The pies from the BP outlet were excellent and possibly the best we have eaten since leaving home.

With two of our group still behind us, we left the main road north of Tennant Creek and headed along a corrugated road to our campsite.  There was not a lot of room left but the three of us and found suitable places to park.

Once again, “He” flew the quad copter and captured video of “The Pebbles” which we found are a sacred aboriginal site.  “He” also flew the quad low over the roof of the caravan to video any damage from the hail.  This backfired as the memory card was full.  Fortunatley no video from the flight over “The Pebbles” was lost.

Another member of our group arrived whilst we were having happy hour and they were able to find one of the last sites.  We are currently missing one couple and suspect they might have stayed at the caravan park in Tennant Creek.

Shortly after the fourth couple arrived, we were told that they suspected they had a flat tyre. This was later confirmed and by 9:00pm, the tyre had been changed.  Tyres on large motorhomes are not the easiest things to manage.  Two of our group were outstanding in resolving the problem.

We had a very late evening meal and headed to bed just after 10:00pm.

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