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20 June 2016 – Alice Springs to Barrow Creek NT

We are sitting in our caravan in a remote location in the NT called Barrow Creek.  All we can hear is the distant sound of the generator that powers the roadhouse and hotel.  We had our evening meal in the hotel and enjoyed what has to be the best hamburgers we have ever eaten.  “She” had a cheese burger whilst “He” had their “Bullshit” burger which contained everything imaginable.  This place is everything that you can imagine as outback Australia.  Barrow Creek is also the location where it was alleged that Bradley Murdoch murdered Peter Falconio in July 2001.

Our day started at 7:00am when the alarm sounded.  It had been cold overnight and was about 3.0c when we woke.

We were ready to leave by 9:15am with a 285k drive in front of us.

Shortly after leaving Alice Springs we passed the highest point in the Macdonnell Ranges (a little over 700m) and then crossed the Tropic of Capricorn.

Our rear view camera was acting up (thank you Polaris for providing us with a new and crappy cable – we have been forced to repair the original cable) so we stopped at the Aileron Roadhouse with the intention to have coffee.  Fuel there was $2.00 per litre and they wanted $5.00 for a DIY coffee.  We didn’t stay.

We did however stop at Ti Tree for fuel noting a sign stating diesel was a dollar sixty something per litre.  After waiting to refuel, the price on the pump was noted to be $1.75.  We did purchase fuel but only enough to ensure we would reach Tennant Creek where the fuel should be cheaper.

We arrived at Barrow Creek just before 1:00pm and were allocated a powered site.  The staff member actually told us to park wherever we liked as they had no rules.  It cost us $7.00 to stay and we have power and very primitive toilet and shower facilities.  We will use the caravan for those activities.

We had a quiet afternoon with a quick visit to one of the four remaining telegraph stations in the NT.  Only the shell of the building remains but it was worth a look.

We had happy hour before adjourning to the hotel for pre-dinner drinks and our meals.

There is a full moon tonight!

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