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9 June 2016 – Erldunda to Kings Canyon NT

Although a little hot, we managed to sleep well.  Sunrise was pretty and promised to deliver a good day.

Expecting the wind to rise, we were away just before 9:00am for our drive to Kings Canyon.

The traffic was heavier than what we had experienced over previous days.  There was evidence of recent rain all of the way to Kings Canyon and this also reflected in virtually zero road kill and a general lack of wildlife near the road.

We stopped at a rest stop just before the turn to Kings Canyon and agreed that we should consider this site after we leave Yulara enroute to Alice Springs.

We expected to see camels just after the turn to Kings Canyon but they were not to be seen.  We did see some later but suspect they were being farmed.

We arrived at Kings Canyon just after 12:30pm and were soon allocated to our assigned camping spots.  Access is tight and whilst we had no problems getting onto the sites, leaving will be a challenge.

We had lunch at the only café in Kings Canyon and then headed to the actual canyon and did the base walk into the canyon.  Due to a rock fall, we could not reach the end of the canyon.

We enjoyed happy hour with the group before heading to our caravan for tea.  We have no television reception (we do have our satellite dish which will be used tonight) and no telephone or internet coverage.

We expect a very cold night.

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