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6 June 2016 – Coober Pedy SA

We awoke to a fine day and a lot less wind than yesterday.  Whilst today might have been better for “his” flight, we had plans to make a visit to a local attraction today where the sunlight would improve the experience.

First job today was “holiday maintenance”, empty the toilet cassette and refill the water tank.  The first part was easy but as water is scarce at Coober Pedy, we had to visit a dispensing machine where we could buy water.

So armed with three 20 litre water containers (and the cassette), “He” and one of our friends headed to the town water dispenser.  It cost $0.60 for about 60 litres of water.

After filling our tank, we took other friends on a town tour.

First stop was the underground Catholic Church followed by a visit to an underground house, “Fays”.  Whilst we had been there before, we enjoyed the tour today.

Next stop was the golf course including a drive between some of the holes.  We purchased lunch from the local bakery and returned to our campsite.

After lunch with friends in our car and friends in another vehicle, we headed to an area north of Coober Pedy called “The Breakaways”.  This area has unique landforms that never cease to amaze.  We had been told by some of the locals that as a result of recent rain, some of the roads in The Breakaways had been closed.  They were apparently open for 4WD vehicles but one of the locals was said to have visited the area by bike and stated he would not even take a car into the area.  So, due to this “closure”, we decided to take the main highway north and then a gravel road to a lookout that looks over the area.  Once there it became very apparent that the information about the road was incorrect.  This was confirmed by another visitor at the lookout.

We decided to enter the area said to be affected by the rain.  Stopping at a couple of lookouts we took many pictures of this splendid terrain.  “He” flew the quad copter and captured some great video even though the wind was at about the limit of the quads operation.

We watched a car with a non “off road” caravan drive through the area. The information given to us earlier today was VERY wrong.

We stopped at the Dog Fence (a little rain would have made access interesting) before returning to the main gravel road to Coober Pedy.  Actually the road was so good “He” was able to drive back to Coober Pedy at a very safe 90kph.

Before returning to our camp site, we purchased groceries and refuelled the car.

When we arrived at Coober Pedy, one of our rear facing cameras was not working.  “He” decided to attempt to fix the problem.  “He” determined that a new cable recently purchased from Polaris in Sydney was the cause of the problem.  Fortunately, the old cable was in the caravan and was substituted.

After happy hour “He” coupled the car and the caravan as rain was forecast for tomorrow.  Hopefully the rain will not come as we intend to free camp somewhere to the north tomorrow night.

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