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16 June 2016 – Alice Springs NT

Alice Springs is actually very warm.  The temperature yesterday rose to 26c, today 27c was expected.

It was around 18c when we ventured out of our door just after 7:00am.

“She” put a load of washing in our machine whilst “He” dug into a cupboard to find a pair of shorts.  A second load was finished before we left for the day.

Just after 9:00am and with friends, we headed into the Alice Springs shopping precinct with a short list of items to be acquired.  “He” was after a battery charger and a stepping ring for one of his lens (needed to be able to use a polarising lens, something else left behind that should have been packed) and “She” was after some printed material.

First stop was at Jaycar where we purchased electrical tape and some cable to allow the fixing of our rear view camera cable.  Next stop was Camera House where the charger was purchased as well as a new polarising filter.  They had every sized stepping ring except the one that “He” wanted.

We had coffee in Todd Mall.

We returned to our campsite for lunch and “He” spent some of the afternoon fixing the camera cable.  “She” was able to do more washing.

“He” paid a further visit to Jaycar and also to Bunnings to purchase some plumbing supplies to build a new fresh water solution after “He” left one of our “special” hose connections at Yulara.

We had a late happy hour starting around 5:00pm and concluding close to 7:00pm.  “He” cooked salmon rissoles for tea.  We had a quiet night catching up on email and posting all of our blog entries.

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