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14 June 2016 – Yulara to Lassiter Highway Free Camp NT

Our day started around 5:40am when some “dim wit” from the Endeavour Rally drove around our part of the camp site sounding a siren.  We did not appreciate this.

We were able to sleep until 7:00am when we arose to a very red sunrise.   Before breakfast we said farewell to our friend competing in the rally and we watched the cars depart.

We packed up and left the camp site just before 10:00am and headed to our overnight stop, a rest area several kilometres past the Mount Conner lookout on the Lasseter Highway.   Our plan was to split the 464k’s from Yulara to Alice Springs into two relatively short days of travel.  Our rationale in travelling only 130k’s from Yulara was to reduce the amount of traffic on the road as we would be well on our way before those travelling from Yulara reached our camp site.

Arriving early, we had the opportunity for a quiet afternoon before joining the rest of our group for a long happy hour followed by curried sausages cooked by one of the couples.  The food was wonderful and everyone enjoyed the evening.

We had an early night with the caravan very dark as we were not connected to power.

We all agreed that this site was very special and one of the better free camps to stay at.

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