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13 June 2016 – Yulara NT

We both slept well and actually extended our alarm by 30 minutes.

Again we were in no hurry and after a quick catch-up with our friend who is competing in the Endeavour Foundation Rally and then with two other friends loaded into the Navara, we headed back into the National Park and to the car park adjacent to the start of the Uluru climb.  Due to high winds, the climb was closed when we arrived.

We did a short walk from the car park that took you along part of the base walk to a spot where water had accumulated from the rock into a pool.

Upon returning to the car park, we noticed that a ranger removed the closed signs and opened the Uluru climb.  No one made any move to climb.

“He” decided to do the lower part of the climb and grabbed his camera.  Whilst walking towards the entry gate, “He” dropped the camera.  Fortunately there appeared to be no damage and now for the third time, Uluru has made a statement that “He” is not to attempt to climb.  Maybe there is something in listening to the wishes of the traditional owners who do not want anyone to climb Uluru.

Leaving the “climb” car park, we paid a visit to the cultural centre where we enjoyed coffee and a snack.

We then headed to the “Mala” walk where we were able to take photographs of the northern part of Uluru and a wonderful pool of tranquil water.  After returning to our car, we completed a circuit of Uluru by road and then returned to our camp site.

At 5:00pm we left the camp site to walk to the collection point for our trip to the “Field of Light”.  The “Field of Light” is an area the size of a couple of football fields filled with solar powered lights.  We boarded our bus and after a short ride, we enjoyed drinks and nibblies before and during sunset.  We were able to watch the sunset on Uluru.  After sunset, we were able to walk into “The Field of Light” and enjoy the spectacle close-up.  We took a lot of pictures and the experience was very enjoyable.

We returned to one of the hotels for dinner and several pints of beer.  All in all, a great finish to a great day.

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