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11 June 2016 – Kings Canyon to Yulara NT

Our alarm sounded at 7:00am and we headed outside to watch sunrise.  Recent days had started with colourful sunrises, today didn’t.

With just over 300k’s to drive today, we made quick preparations for our departure and were on the road just before 9:00am.

The first part of the trip was made into a headwind and a reduced speed kept fuel consumption under control.  We saw no wildlife nor roadkill for the entire trip.  We did see a couple of idiot drivers hell bent on a short lifespan.

After we turned onto the Lassiter Highway we experienced a tailwind and were able to increase our speed for the 180k run into Yulara.

We stopped at the Mount Conner lockout for some pictures (Mount Conner is often mistaken for Uluru) and also took pictures of the now wet salt lake behind the hill on the other side of the road.

We arrived at the Yulara campground just before 1:00pm.  We were given one of the narrowest camping sites we have ever seen (3.5m wide) but after some careful planning with our neighbours, we have managed the lack of space.

We shopped at the local IGA before returning for happy hour at our campsite.  We were able to see sunset on Uluru from a mound in the campsite and “He” used the quad copter to capture the moment.

We have television coverage and also mobile telephone coverage.

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