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10 June 2016 – Kings Canyon NT

We forgot to set the alarm and as a result, missed the start of what was said to be a magnificent red sunrise over the Watarrka National Park and the peaks adjacent to Kings Canyon.  We did capture some of the sunrise and were able to take photographs.

Several of the group had decided to attempt the “Rim Walk” at Kings Canyon.  “He” was having trouble with his left knee and decided not to attempt the walk.  “He” did however plan to transport one of our group to the starting point and use the quad copter to capture our friends doing the ascent and also photograph the canyon above the tree level.

Due to wind flying the quad copter did not happen but photos were taken from the ground of three of our group commencing the ascent.

Whilst returning to our car, “He” met one of the other couples and make rough arrangements to attempt part of the Rim Walk from the opposite direction later in the morning.

After returning to our campsite, “He” had a long overdue haircut before returning to the Kings Canyon car park.

As planned, “he” and a couple of our friends commenced the Rim Walk in the opposite in direction.  The plan was to travel to a lookout high in the adjacent canyon and possibly meet our other friends before they completed the walk.  “He” was a little concerned with his knee but fortunately, due to the use of two walking sticks, had no problem in climbing the hill.

About an hour after starting the “reverse” walk, the two groups met.  The descent was a lot quicker and we were all back in camp around 1pm.

The afternoon was spent in our camp soaking up the sunshine and talking.  We had an early happy hour (we met some other ACC members who had arrived today) before retiring for the evening where we watched “Better Homes and Gardens” before the football.

A cold and clear night was expected.

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