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5 June 2016 – Coober Pedy SA

Yesterday “He” had made plans to fly today so “He” was very anxious to see what the weather was doing.  Before we ventured out of bed we knew that it was windy.  Our awning was flapping away and the sight of dark clouds in the west raised doubts about the flight.  At least the forecast was for a morning shower and then clearing.

It remained windy and overcast during the morning and we paid a visit to a local store to purchase some groceries.

There were no calls from the company operating the flight to inform us of cancellation so “She” provided transport for three persons to the airport.

Whilst “He” was away, “She” paid a visit to “Tom’s Mine” for a guided tour of the underground operation.  Unfortunately the presentation provided was disappointing.

“He” had to wait 45 minutes before being able to depart of the flight.  Two army “Tiger” helicopters were parked on the tarmac in front of the refuelling area.  They had refuelled but were slow to leave.  The flight crews were very casual and were flying the copter south towards Adelaide after having spent time in the north at a major army exercise.  When the copter finally left, they created a large dust storm that we observed heading towards the Coober Pedy township.  The departure was spectacular.

Eventually “He” departed just after 1:00pm for a two hour flight to an area called “The Painted Hills” followed by a visit to Lake Eyre.  After flying around Lake Eyre the plan was to stop at the airstrip at William Creek before a further hour of flying to return to Coober Pedy.

The flight was not cheap but “He” felt that there was definite value for money.  “The Painted Hills” were spectacular and there was water in Lake Eyre.  We saw both of these sites from about 500 feet.  Whilst over Lake Eyre, we were able to see a little bird life.  The entire trip showed us how much rain has fallen in this area.  Rivers that are normally dry were flowing and there was an abundance of green to be seen.  All in all, a worthwhile adventure.

We were also able to see the Oodnadatta track coming up from the south and heading north towards its finishing point at Marla which is north west of Coober Pedy on the Stuart Highway.

We spend three hours in the air and about an hour on the ground at William Creek.  Whilst at William Creek, we enjoyed a beer in the William Creek Hotel and then had time to do a quick exploration of the town and look at some remains of rockets fired from the Woomera Rocket Range.

Overall the visibility from the aircraft was good and the flight crew from WrightsAir were extremely professional.

Six of us went out for dinner before we retired for the evening.  Another cold night.


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