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3 June 2016 – Roxby Downs to Lake Hart SA

We were up before 7:00am and witnessed another nice sunrise.  Although we are supposed to be in winter, the early morning temperature was very mild.

Our travel distance today would not be great but we intended to break the trip with a stop at Woomera.

Departure time was agreed for 9:00am and that is when we left.  Our group did not travel together with three of the group having “things” to do before they departed.

The run from Roxby Downs back to Woomera was uneventful over very flat country.  Just prior to arriving at the Woomera township we stopped at the local cemetery.  We have stopped here before and today many of our group were interested in seeing the grave of Len Beadell, one of Australia’s great pioneers in opening up inland Australia.  Len was responsible for the location of the Woomera site and the rocket range that was developed after WW2.  We were also interested in looking at the graves in the cemetery and in particular those of infants who died in the 50’s and 60’s.  Today we photographed these graves and we will do some more research when we return home.

We stopped at the rocket park in Woomera before heading to Pimba for fuel and food.

Our overnight stay was at the free camp at the Lake Hart rest stop.  This is a very large rest area and very well patronised.  We were all able to find good camping spots.

During the afternoon we walked down to and onto the salt lake.  We were able to walk about 100 metres onto the lake and up to the water’s edge.  The salt was very thick and stable.

Later in the afternoon we watched a long goods train travelling south towards Port Augusta.  “He” flew the quad copter over the train with the intention of shooting video.  This plan would have been great if “He” had actually started the camera. “He” did remember to start the camera when flying over a large part of the free camp.  The video taken would have been useful when we arrived as we were able to see numerous camp sites that would have been better than the sites we had chosen.

Our group got together for happy hours and to watch what was a very beautiful sunset over the lake.  “He” was able to fly the quad copter again and this time press the right buttons to video both the camp site and the sunset.

After cooking our evening meal we bunkered down and watch television via our satellite dish.  We were in bed relatively early as the night was very cool.


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