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1 June 2016 – Roxby Downs SA

The first day of winter.

It certainly was not cold when “He” looked out of the door of our caravan to witness a very colourful sunrise.  It was actually very mild.

Almost ten years ago we had booked for a ground tour of the Olympic Dam mining site.  The tour had been cancelled.   We booked three years ago and again the tour had been cancelled.  Today would be the third try.

We assembled at the Roxby Downs Visitor Information Centre and paid for our tour.  The cost with a “Seniors” discount was $20pp.  After viewing a video about the history of Roxby Downs and the BHP Billiton Mine, we boarded a Greyhound coach and were driven to the mine site.  We were driven over most of the site and shown the entries to the underground mine, the dump of ore that had been extracted, the copper processing plant, the uranium processing plant and also the plant that extracted both gold and silver from the ore.

Next part of the tour took us to the Arid Recovery Nature Reserve, a fenced site where attempted are being made to preserve endangered animals.  The animals on the site are protected from feral animals by an elaborate fencing system.

After returning to Roxby Downs, we enjoyed coffee at the Visitor Information Centre before returning to our camp site for lunch.

We played disc bowls for several hours which encompassed happy hour.  In fact, the final game finished in the dark when it was almost impossible to distinguish between the light blue and white disc bowls.

After our evening meal, “He” joined other campers and park management in the camp kitchen to watch the “State of Origin” rugby league game.  The result was 6 to 4 to Queensland with some very poor decisions by the officials impacting on the final result.

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