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27 May 2016 – Rawnsley Park Station (Flinders Ranges) SA

We slept well and were ready to depart for further exploration by 9:00am.  The weather did not look good with very dark clouds visible after sunrise.  We were fortunate in that the clouds passed either side of our location and it remained dry.

Destination today was the Moralana Gorge and a round trip via Hawker.  We were travelling with friends in another vehicle.  We stopped and took pictures of the Elder Ranges with the peaks covered by low cloud.  The view was spectacular.

The trip through to the Gorge was on a dirt road but not as scenic as yesterday.  Once again we encountered kangaroos but our kangaroo whistles seem to be doing a reasonable job.

After passing through the Gorge we turned onto the Leigh Creek road and headed to Hawker where we stopped for fuel, coffee and an early lunch.

After returning to our camp site, “He” managed to repair a broken light (rear number plate) and cleaned and repacked the cargo bay of our car.

Then it rained.

We started an early happy hour and sat and watch very heavy rai which lasted to over an hour.

We were entertained by a singer, songwriter called John O’Dea.  He was very easy to listen to and he performed for 2.5 hours.  We purchased a couple of his CD’s.

With the entertainment finishing at 7:30pm, we had microwave meals before watching football in the comfort of our caravan.

Every indication was that it was going to be a very cold night.

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