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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



26 May 2016 – Rawnsley Park Station (Flinders Ranges) SA

There was to be have a power outage in the area sometime today so we were up before 7:00am to have breakfast and get ready for exploring the Flinders Ranges.

“He” decided to check the breakaway system following the alarm yesterday and discovered that the battery had fallen out and one of the leads was disconnected.  Hence the warning yesterday.  The system is installed in the corner of the front boot and is very difficult to work on.  It took about 40 minutes to reinstall the battery and to get the cover closed.  Actually “He” could not get the cover closed and had to improvise with the faithful cable tie.  Hopefully this problem has been solved until we have the caravan serviced again.

In two cars our group left the camp site and headed towards Wilpena.  The rules today were simple, stop at every lookout.

We stopped at several lookouts before arriving in Wilpena Pound.  Unfortunately we missed the bus into the pound and decided not to wait the 2 hours for the next trip.  Instead we decided to head to Blinman for lunch and then travel to Parachilna and return by either Hawker or Brachina Gorge if time permitted.

After visiting several more lookout to feast on the marvellous scenery, we stopped in Blinman and had lunch at the local hotel.

Just prior to 2:30pm, we left Blinman and headed to Parachilna via the Parachilna Gorge.  We had done this trip several years ago and expected multiple river crossings.  In spite of recent rain, there was little or no water in the rivers.

We stopped at the Prairie Hotel and took pictures.  “He” also discovered a loose light in the rear of the Navara, another issue to address.

We made a decision to return via Brachina Gorge rather than driving back to Hawker.  The scenery was stunning and we had several water crossings to negotiate.  Both vehicles handled the conditions well.

We detoured via the “Wall of China” before starting our journey home at dusk.

Both vehicles had to contend with kangaroos crossing in front of them and the trip home was a lot slower for safety reasons.

We decided not to have happy hour when we returned and we all heaved into our respective RV’s for our evening meal after a very long day.  We travelled around 270k’s today, 100 of those on grave roads.  The scenery was fantastic and we all had a great day.

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