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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



18 May 2016 – Dubbo (Terrmungamine) to Canbelego (near Cobar) NSW

Our alarms (normal alarm clock plus new battery and the “back-up”) were set for 7:00am, we woke at 6:38am.

To make up for being late yesterday we decided to be early today.  Breakfast was over quickly and we were ready to go about 30 minutes early.

Our GPS wanted us to take back roads but we decided to head back into Dubbo and head towards Cobar on the main highway.

Our trip through Narromine to Nyngan was uneventful with cruise control set at 86kph, no wind and an overcast sky.  Perfect driving conditions.  We also watched our fuel consumption drop to just on 15 litres per 100k’s (so say the Nissan computer).

We had lunch in Nyngan before turning onto the Barrier Highway and our destination, the Florida rest stop about 50k’s before Cobar.  We did experience some rain after turning onto the Barrier Highway but it only lasted for about 10 minutes.

Before we committed to stay in the rest area, we had a good look at the ground to ensure that the recent rain would not cause issues.  We actually chose to park close to the road and not venture onto softer earth.

“He” flew the quad copter again taking pictures and video of the surrounding country and our camp site.

Much to our surprise the fourth member of our group happened to see our caravan and stopped.  We planned to meet them this coming Friday.

Happy hour numbers have now increased to four couple and our travelling group is almost complete.  The final couple will join us in about 11 days once they return from an overseas holiday.

“He” took pictures of sunset with the quad and we all departed to our vehicles as darkness descended on our camp site.

Having setup the satellite dish, we were able to watch the Sydney news and then enjoy some television for several hours.

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