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18 March 2016 – Wagga Wagga NSW

With further work to do with numbering sites, the alarm was set for 6:00am.  At exactly 5:59am it started to rain.  We were deprived of 1 minute of sleep.  Whilst rain was expected for a short period of time, we were unable to start with the site numbering so an extra 30 minutes of sleep was stolen from the day.

At 7:20am “He” discovered that his bulk supply of daily medication was still in Sydney. Whilst not taking medication for the next couple of weeks would not be life threatening, taking the medication was desirable.  A call was made to our GP and arrangements made for a prescription to be sent by facsimile to a chemist in Wagga Wagga.

By 9:00am the chemist had received and filled the prescription and “He” was on his way back to our camp site.

With little to do because of the rain and “She” involved in unpacking merchandise, “He” decided to get the blog for today underway.

Whilst totally engrossed in trying to solve an email problem, “He” passed on the opportunity to have morning tea in the ACTA club room.  5 minutes after declining the invitation, “He” was outside the caravan holding down our awning in high winds.

With the assistance of a neighbour, the awning was eventually retracted.

After ensuring our van was safe, “He” and several others walked around the site to assist any others to make awnings safe.  Unfortunately, several awnings were lost and one motorhome experience significant damage when the awning was torn from the side of the motorhome before damaging the roof of the motorhome.

Later we were to learn that the wind gusts had been around the 120k mark.  “He” stated that he had never seen conditions so severe with wind and horizontal rain.  At the height of the storm, birds were seen to be knocked out of the air and then tumble over and over along the ground.  Heavy bins were treated like they were confetti.  We were lucky.

By 2:00pm the rain had stopped with little evidence on the ground as to what had happened during the morning.   The strong wind remained with us for the remainder of the afternoon.  It now remains to see how long it will take for the ground to dry.  Hopefully the areas that are currently muddy will dry in time for the site numbers to be marked before the “mass” arrives on Tuesday morning.

We had happy hour under cover before returning for an early tea.  We had a quiet night before “He” wasted part of his life by watching Australia get beaten by New Zealand in the 20/20 World Cup.

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