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17 March 2016 – Jugiong to Wagga Wagga NSW

We were ready to depart Jugiong just after 8:30am knowing that the trip to Wagga Wagga would take around 1.5 hours.

With the exception of one “drop kick” who decided to change lanes very close to us, we had an uneventful and stress free trip into Wagga Wagga and we drove immediately to the ACTA (Australian Clay Target Association) Grounds located 5klms to the east of Wagga Wagga.

Our visit to Wagga Wagga was to attend the fourth running of the “Stone the Crows” festival which is held every Easter at Wagga Wagga.  We have volunteered in the past and had decided to volunteers again this year.  “He” is part of the siting team and we were required to arrive early.

We found a temporary spot to park (this is to until the grounds are marked with site numbers) and after connecting power we headed into Wagga Wagga to purchase our “staples” (beer, wines and apple cider).  We also purchased some other essential items from the local Coles supermarket.

Part of the afternoon was spent in marking sites.  We enjoyed happy hour with some of the other volunteers before having a reasonable early tea.  We did continue happy hour after tea.

When we went to bed the outside temperature was 27C degrees.  We left vents open but there was no wind.

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