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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



30 May 2015 – Parkes NSW

It had rained overnight and the cloud cover had kept the temperature up.

We decided that we would visit a couple of the local attractions including a gold mine in Peak Hill, some 48 kilometres north of Parkes.

With our friends we first headed to the local Aldi store where our friends had to return a purchase.  Next stop was to a local discount store,  “Discount Dave” when we were able to purchase an item that we had not been able to purchase in Sydney.  Repco was the next stop where we purchased a replacement 12 pin connector for the caravan.  Replacement of the existing pin will take place when we return home.

To get to Peak Hill we had to pass the CSIRO radio telescope which is also known as ”The Dish”.  We spent some time in the visitor’s centre and purchased several souvenir items that we will take home.

As we left “The Dish”, “He” thought that he had found a short cut back to the highway.  He was wrong as we travelled several kilometres on a dirt road before returning to the highway a lot closer to Parkes than the turnoff we had taken to go to “The Dish”.

So once again, we headed towards Peak Hill and passed the turnoff to “The Dish”.

It did not take long to arrive at Peak Hill and we located the gold mine with ease.  Originally an underground mine, it was changed later to open cut.  There was evidence that there still might be mining in the area even though the site looked deserted.

In overcast conditions we retuned to Parkes and had coffee and cake at a local café.  Unfortunately no one enjoyed the food but the coffee was satisfactory.

We located a lookout at the Memorial Park that afforded us expansive views of the area around Parkes.  The countryside was green.

We returned to our campsite for happy hour before driving back into Parkes for a meal at the Commercial Hotel.

Whilst talking on the mobile with our son, “He” noticed that the aerial for our radio was missing from the roof of the caravan.  Investigation revealed that it had snapped off and we have no idea when it could have happened.

Whilst we were enjoying happy hour, we watched another camper unhitch apparently without applying the brakes as the caravan took off down a slope and it was only the quick thinking of the owner that saved what could have been a very expensive accident had the caravan continue further.

The entire group went for tea and the meals were reasonably priced and very generous.  Compared to other places we have visited, the bar prices were also reasonable.

We all enjoyed our evening meal and were content when we returned to our campsite and a warm bed.

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