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27 March 2015 – Mildura VIC to Hay NSW

Today we started our journey east and towards our home in Sydney.

We decided to advance our departure time by 30 minutes and leave at 8:30am.  Before departure we said our final farewells to one of our members (Russ & Dianne) who were heading to South Australia after spending a couple more days at Mildura.

The drive to Hay was boring.  We stopped at Euston for a quick break and then at Balranald where several of our group took advantage of the offerings at the local bakery.

There was evidence of recent rain as the Hay Plains were actually green with very little evidence of drought.  Our convoy set a steady pace of around the 90kph mark and that ensured our fuel consumption was reasonable.

We arrived at Hay just before 1:00pm and headed to the showgrounds.  We had booked sites and the caretaker placed our group in the one spot.

For $20pn the showground is a good alternative to other types of accommodation in Hay.  The venue is cleans and has a degree of charm.

After our setup was completed, we refuelled the car and did a little shopping.  We returned mid afternoon and “He” played boules before we joined the rest of the group for a happy hour that we hosted with our friends.

After happy hour we cooked rissoles (purchased in Hay) for our evening meal before settling in front of the television to watch the State of Origin.  We also recorded another program that we will watch tomorrow night.

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