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26 May 2015 – Mildura VIC

We had planned a relatively quiet day involving a trip to Wentworth and visits to several of the local attractions.  Today we would also provide transport for our friends.

First visit was to Orange World where we took the opportunity to purchase freshly picked navel oranges and some other “goodies” that they sell.

Next stop was at the Perry Sand Hills which are located a couple of kilometres north of Wentworth.  “He” flew the quad copter over the edge of the hills and obtained both still and video footage of the area.  We also took the opportunity to walk further into the sand hills than what we have done on previous visits.

We left the sand hills and headed to Junction Park, the point where the Darling Rivers meet.  We were surprised with the amount of water in the rivers when considering the current discussion about the Darling being dry in places.  We had to assume that the high level of the water is the result of little or no water being released in the Murray beyond Wentworth.

We stopped at the Buronga Bakery for lunch (pies and coffee) before heading to Woodsies Gem Shop where we spent time looking at the various gems.

Before returning to our campsite we stopped at Coles to purchase sausages, onions, bread rolls, tinned fruit and custard.  We had collected a muster fee of $5 per couple for the tagalong and decided that we would give the collection back to participating members in the form of a sausage sizzle.

At the end of happy hour and with the help of other members, we hosted a sausage sizzle that was enjoyed by all.

We had a quick nightcap with our friends before retiring for the night.

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