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24 May 2015 – Broken Hill NSW to Mildura VI

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Broken Hill today.  With the exception of a couple of cold and wet days, the weather was kind to us but a little cold.

We had planned for the tagalong to leave Broken Hill at 9:00am but it was closer to 9:30am when we left the racecourse.  As we drove out, we set our clocks forward 30 minutes.  We had close to 300k’s to drive so we expected to arrive at our destination just before 3:00pm allowing for a lengthy stop enroute.

The trip today was completed in absolutely still conditions.  We cruised down the Silver City Highway at a speed between 80 and 90kph.  Our fuel consumption was around the 13 litres (per 100k’s), which has to be the best consumption we have had with the combination on a full day drive.

The also saw Grant Cadoret (the Highway man) who has been walking the Australian Highways for the past 36 odd years.  We had been warned he was about and we saw him sitting on the side of the road roughly half way between Wentworth and Broken Hill.

We arrived in Mildura at 2:45pm and it took the best part of an hour to do our check-in and then setup.

We did some shopping in Mildura before returning for happy hour.

We ran our air conditioning on heat for the first time and that ensured a comfortable evening in front to the television.

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