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21 May 2015 – Broken Hill NSW

We awoke to a cold, and overcast day.  It was our group’s intention today to travel to Menindee Lake but that was subject to the prevailing weather conditions.

“He” attempted to contact the Menindee Visitor’s Information Centre but their phone was not answered.  Next call was to the Broken Hill police but they were not aware of road conditions in the Menindee region.  A final call was made to National Parks at Broken Hill and as they were unaware of the conditions at Menindee, they indicated they would call their local ranger and inform us accordingly.

National Parks did call us back and recommended that we did not go.  They said that there had been overnight rain and conditions were bleak with more rain expected.  It was likely that further rain would result in the road to the lake and lookout being closed.  So we decided not to go.  One couple did go as they wanted to see the school where their son had taught and we learnt later that some other members of our group had also headed to Menindee.  In hindsight, we wish we had gone as every time we are in Broken Hill, we find a reason not to drive to Menindee.  We will be travelling through Broken Hill next year and hopefully the lakes will be full of water and overstocked with bird life.

With our friends we decided to have a quiet day after we shopped.  We headed to Coles where we purchased enough food to cover us until we arrived in Mildura and whilst out, we also purchased some liquid refreshments.

We returned to our campsite for lunch and then had a very quiet afternoon.

Several of the blokes played boules and playing actually provided some warmth from the extreme cold.

We had happy hour inside a shed even though we had to leave a nice fire to do so.  We had intended to cook steak for our evening meal but decided not to venture outside to cook but have microwave meals instead.

We stayed inside the caravan until heading to the warmth of our bed.

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