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18 May 2015 – Broken Hill NSW

We decided not to set an alarm clock and were able to sleep to just after 8:00am when nature told us both it was time to get up.

After breakfast we spoke with our friends about plans for the day and decided we would spend the day looking around Broken Hill.

Our first stop was to the Line of Lode lookout.  The road to the lookout has now been sealed and is actually pleasant to drive on.  The area on the top has not been sealed.  We ad a great view of the city and the surrounding country and many photographs were taken.  We also visited the Miner’s Memorial, which is still open even though the café and souvenir shop are currently closed.

Next we headed to Browne’s Shaft, one of the earliest mines in the area.  The mine has been preserved and we consider it a great area to test photographic skills.

We went to Bells Milk bar / Café for lunch. Bells is setup as a 50’s milk bar and they still server traditional milkshakes and a variety of food.  We all had milkshakes and hotdogs for lunch.

Next stop was back to Coles and Target for a little more shopping and then we went to the Visitor’s Centre to collect a little information about the area.

Our final visit today was to the Broken Hill mint where “She” purchased a couple of jewellery pieces, one for herself, the other for a gift.

We returned to the Race Course where “He” got involved in a game of Boules which was followed by another game called Finska.

We enjoyed another happy hour before retiring for the evening.

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