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15 May 2015 – Wilcannia to White Cliffs NSW

We were both awake before the alarm clock sounded with Mother Nature deciding it was time for us to rise for the day.  “She” was able the last minutes of the wonderful night sky before daybreak whilst “He” had the pleasure of watching sunrise.

We received an SMS from a friend with some sad but expected news.  Unfortunately our distance from Sydney will not allow us to return for the funeral but our thoughts are with our friends and family.

We did hear that our friends who remained in Cobar after the fire were close to having the repairs finished and were hopeful of joining us later in the day.  Later we would receive an SMS informing us that the repairs finished too later for them to consider the 360k’s from Cobar to White Cliffs in daylight.

After some of our group refuelled, we left Wilcannia at about 9:45am for the drive from Wilcannia to White Cliffs.  There was very little traffic on the road and we completed the 96k journey in just over 1.25 hours.

We had booked the caravan park and even though the caretaker was not on-site, a very clear map was attached to the office door showing our reserved sites.

It did take time for everyone to position their RV’s as our tens sites are “back to back”.  Without a television signal to be found, we setup our satellite dish on the roof of the caravan.  There are two games of football tonight and the Swans play Geelong tomorrow night!

After lunch we took the car and did a tour of the town and then had coffee with our friends.  We then spent time looking around the opal fields and we even spent time looking for opal in the hills of waste.  “He” flew the quad copter in strong wind but managed to obtain some good pictures of the mining area.

We returned for happy hour with the group surrounding a nice fire.  “He” made a further flight of the quad copter when an attempt was made to fly the quad close to two kangaroos.  The quad got a lot close than what a human would but the kangaroos decided to leave when the quad was about 5 metres from them.  “He” also flew the quad to photograph the sunset.

We decided to partake in a sausage sizzle put on by the local school as part of the prelude to the music festival that will take place this coming weekend.  We were charge $2 for sausage and onion on a roll and we complained that the school was not charging enough.

We returned to the caravan park and spent time in front of a fire before retiring for the night.

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