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13 May 2015 – Wellington to Cobar NSW

Much to our surprise it was warm when we first ventured out of the caravan door at 6:30am.  There was no wind nor was there and moisture on the ground.

With about 350k’s to drive today, we departed Wellington Caves at 8:30am and headed as a convoy to our first rest stop between Dubbo and Narromine.  After a 30 minutes stop we continued our trip at a leisurely speed of around 90kph.  This speed also reasonable fuel consumption but that was short lived with a strong wind developing from the southwest.

Some of our group refuelled in Nyngan whilst the remainder of the group stoped at a wonderful rest area on the other side of the bridge that crosses the Bogan River.

At Nyngan we turned left to head towards Cobar and almost directly into the head wind.  We managed to cop a stone into the window (we believe that we might have a small impact hole) courtesy of a driver speeding in the opposite direction but that was insignificant as another member of our group had a small electrical fire in the boot of their caravan as we arrived at the caravan park. Fortunately the smoke was noticed and the fire extinguished quickly.  There is a fair amount of damage towering and an auto electrician will determine the extent of the damage tomorrow.  The cause of the fire is unknown.

At 3:45pm we were collected by the local tourism manager for a guided tour of the town.  His had been arranged at the recent Rose Hill Super Show when the ACC had a booth adjacent to the Kidman Way booth.  An offer was made and accepted for the tour.

We spent an hour looking around Cobar in what was a very informative tour.

We had happy hour and dinner in the Cobar Golf Club before returning to the caravan park just after 8:30pm.Tomorrow we continue our journey west to Wilcannia on the Darling River.

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