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11 May 2015 – Sydney to Lithgow NSW (Lake Lyell)

We completed this trip in early June and due to personal commitments and a change in computer hardware, it has taken a very long time to post details of this trip.  Pictures will follow sometime in  the future.

Ages ago, in fact we cannot remember when, we agreed to co-host a tagalong for the Australian Caravan Club Sydney branch, the Sydney City Slickers.  The destination chosen was Broken Hill, a town we have visited before and one of our favourites.

Planning was completed late last year and eight other member couples registered to attend the tagalong with our co-hosts and us.

Our branch of the ACC always tries to start a tagalong within a couple of hours drive from Sydney.  Our original start location was to be Lake Wallace (to the west of Lithgow) however, we learnt that the amenities block in the camping area was locked daily at 4:00pm so we decided to change our start location to Lake Lyell which is located to the south west of Lithgow.

We left home at 9:00am on a fine Sydney day only spoilt by a strong wind that we would be driving into for part of the trip.  We had an uneventful trip until we crossed the mountains when roadwork near Hartley slowed our progress.  Whist trips west will be impacted by further work on the western side, the roadwork on the eastern side of Katoomba is now nearing completion.

We refuelled at Lithgow and then headed to Lake Lyell.  We were the third couple to arrive and by late afternoon, eight of the ten participants were camped at Lake Lyell.  We experienced light rain and cold winds for the majority of the afternoon but we still managed to muster the group for our first happy hours.

In failing light and with light rain continuing, we all agreed to have a quite night doing our own thing in the comfort of our vans.

It was so cold that we decided to head to the warmth of our bed just after 7:30pm.  Our plan was to watch Masterchef but that did not happen as the warm bed plus the cold night resulted in us both falling asleep.  We enjoyed about 10 hours sleep.

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