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21 – 27 January 2015 – Robertson NSW

We planned to attend the monthly meeting of the CMCA chapter that we are members of being held at Robertson in the Southern Highlands about 130klm’s south west of Sydney. The meeting was scheduled to take place between Friday 23 January and Australia Day on Monday 26 January. Knowing that the temperature at Robertson would be lower than Sydney, we decided to arrive two days before the scheduled meeting start and to avoid holiday traffic, we would leave a day later to return home to Sydney.

The Sydney weather forecast was ordinary for our departure date so we took the opportunity to have the caravan hitched the evening before our departure. This precaution was not required as we departed our home at 9:00am in dry weather.

Our trip to Robertson was uneventful with light traffic on the road. We decided to follow some of the instructions given by a new GPS and after leaving Bowral, thanks to the GPS we enjoyed a picturesque drive through narrow backcountry roads before arriving at out destination, the Robertson Showground.

Whilst at Robertson, we undertook sightseeing trips over a couple of days visiting Belmore Falls, Carrington Falls and finally Fitzroy Falls. All of these waterfalls provided excellent opportunity to practice our photographic skills.
We also enjoyed pies for lunch from the Robertson Pie Shop that were a vast improvement on our previous visit. 12 months ago we felt that the Robertson Bakery was the pick but we now feel that the Robertson Pie Shop now reigns supreme.

We also enjoyed an evening meal from local restaurant “Pizzas in the Mist” with the pizza still very enjoyable. This return visit was planned following our visit to this restaurant 12 months ago.

As far as the CMCA meeting went, relatives of some of the chapter members came and entertained us on Saturday playing music from lunchtime to just after 10:00pm. Thanks to the work by several of the members, we had pies, potato, peas and gravy for our main course. Sunday saw lamingtons being provided (we were invited for lamingtons and then asked for a gold coin donation to offset the cost) to celebrate Australia Day (they were a day early but it didn’t matter).

Personally, we have decided that we are likely never to attend another Hilltops Rangers Chapter Meeting. This decision is based on several incidents, some occurred before this meeting, some during the meeting and the final incident after the meeting. We are more than happy to share this information with our readers should you like to know. Fortunately the majority of the Chapter members are delightful people and our friends and we can only hope we get the opportunity to catch-up again sometime in the future.

We returned home to Sydney on Tuesday driving all the way home in rain that was very heavy at times.

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