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2 – 7 December 2014 – Cowra NSW

Earlier this year we won a trivia night at the Cowra Holiday Park with the prize being a week’s accommodation on a powered site at that park. At the same time we joined their loyalty program becoming loyalty member No 2. It is also worth mentioning that this park also has an arrangement with the Australian Caravan Club.

Cowra Holiday Park had decided to have a loyalty weekend to celebrate Christmas so the timing was perfect for us as Cowra is on one of the two routes we can take to head home from Binalong.

Whilst we were at Cowra, there was only one day where we did not experience either a lightning show or a full blooded storm.

With our friends, we explored parts of Cowra. The girls headed to the shops whilst the boys explored the ruins of the railway yard and the Lachlan Valley Railway roundhouse, carriages and steam engines being restored. They followed part of the old railway line trying to get close to an old bridge where a photograph would be taken but stopped short when presents with a climb of about 50 degrees in the road.

The boys also climbed to the top of a lookout where expansive views of Cowra can be seen.

Later in the week two more friends arrived having returned from South Australia where they collected their motorhome after they had gearbox problem about six weeks earlier. The day they arrived we were invited for dinner with an old school friend from “Her” days at Burwood Girls High. We were made very welcome and enjoyed a wonderful BBQ, liquid refreshments and a fantastic desert. We talked until midnight.

We decided to have an evening meal out an once again enjoyed the bistro in the local Services Club. We enjoyed dinner whilst the rest of Cowra enjoyed a violent thunderstorm.

On Friday morning we decided to take up the challenge of nine holes of frisbee golf in the caravan park. This game is not as easy as it seems as the challenge is to throw a Frisbee into a hole a little bigger than the inside of a car tyre. “He” had the lowest score in our group.

More friends arrived later on Friday to join us and other loyalty club members for a Christmas function on Saturday.

Saturday night saw us enjoy a sausage sizzle followed by a Christmas trivia challenge. Before the trivia started “He” told the organiser that should fortune prevail with another win, he would decline any prize. “He” could not however decline the award for the lowest score on the Frisbee golf course which comprised some treats in a box and a recently painted golden frisbee.

The trivia was difficult with all questions relating to Christmas. Receiving four bonus points for being able to name all of Santa’s reindeer, “He” managed first, “She” managed second (didn’t get the four bonus points) and one of our friends can third. We both declined taking a prize and the major prize was given to our friend. Apparently we will travel back to Cowra with them and share the weeks accommodation.

On Sunday we headed to Millthorpe, a small town located between Blayney and Orange. On the first Sunday in April and the first Sunday in December, markets are held in the local school. Millthorpe is a very pretty town with many pld building worthy of photographing.

After the markets we headed to the historic township of Carcoar where we found a small café for lunch. This was another place worthy of photography. Whilst walking around Carcoar we found a house that was for sale. On 3.5000 square metres, with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, double garage, manicured gardens and a 10 metre heated indoor pool the owner wants $690,000. Carcoar isa only 3.5 hours from Sydney but “She” won’t move.

We had a long happy hour with our friends before heading back to the caravan to pack for our trip home on the Monday.

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