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11 November 2014 – Singleton to Cessnock NSW

Today we would change our location only by a short distance and start to head towards the Central Coast and the Christmas function we were attending.

“He” flew the quad copter early in the morning and when the wind conditions were still.

We were in no hurry to leave and we decided to wait until 11am and share a “minutes silence” for Armistice Day.

We departed shortly after in convoy formation with us acting as “tail end Charlie”.  Unfortunately we were separated from the group as “She” noticed a friend of ours parked adjacent to the showground dump point.  We spent 10 or so minutes catching up with our friend “Max” before we commenced our journey to Cessnock.

Shortly after leaving Singleton we received a call on the CB radio advising us that the fourth member of our convoy had disappeared.  This member of our group did not have a CB radio, nor did anyone have his mobile number.  We took on the role to attempt to find him.

As history will now show, the first three members of our group missed the turnoff for Cessnock and had to travel another 20 or so kilometres down the new Hunter Expressway to the Kurri Kurri exit.  We were the first to arrive at our overnight venue, the Cessnock Showground and the “missing member” joined us a few minutes later.  He was actually never missing as he had taken the correct exit for Cessnock and then had stopped for fuel.  The remainder of the convoy arrived a short time later.

We were able to find space at the show ground where we could all camp together.  The cost of this venue was $20pn.  The electrical outlets left a lot to be desired as many were broken and were a mixture of 10 and 15 amp.  We tested the wiring on all of the outlets we used to ensure they were safely wired.  There were only a few water outlets but we solved that issue with splitters.

We had a quick trip into Cessnock to purchase some groceries before heading back to our camp where our hosts were organising home made pizza for our evening meal.

The pizza was fabulous and enjoyed by all.  Later in the evening we made another quick trip back into Cessnock to purchase eggs; we were going to provide everyone with bacon and eggs for breakfast.

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