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10 November 2014 – Richmond to Singleton NSW

We awoke to an overcast day with the temperature expected to peak in the low 20’s.  Today we would say goodbye to Richmond and start our short trip north to our next stop at Singleton in the upper Hunter Valley.  We would also travel there via the “Putty Road”.

We were able to take out time with breakfast as well as the process we perform to ready ourselves for departure.

With a departure time planned for 9:30am, we were ready to go just after 9:00am.  With five rigs in our tag-a-long, it was agreed that we would travel in a convoy.

We were the second to leave.

Although the Putty Road has some steep ascents and descents and numerous slow corners, the road is in excellent condition and provides a great alternative to the trip up the Pacific Highway.  Today there was little traffic and our convoy moved at a good speed and caused little in delays to other motorists.

We stopped at a roadhouse near the halfway mark where we all enjoyed what was an expensive morning tea (two ice coffees and a small muffin cost us $19.00).  Nevertheless, we enjoyed the break and the company of the other members of our group.

We arrived at the Singleton Showground around midday.  The caretaker made us very welcome.

There was an abundance of power available so we decided to form a circle around a power pole and thus create a private area for us in the centre.

It was warm so we spent the remainder of the afternoon under the cover of our awning.  One of our hosts cooked a leg of lamb on a spit for our evening meal.  The lamb was delicious and enjoyed by all.

“He” flew the quad copter to take a picture of our “Circle” of vans and also to photograph a number of jacaranda trees adjacent to the showgrounds.

It turned cold after tea and forced us to see what clothing we had bought to cover that situation.

We were impressed with the Singleton Showgrounds.  The cost was $25pn, the facilities were clean and the overall ambience of the place made our visit special.


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