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25 – 27 July 2014 – Cowra NSW

25 July 2014 – Cowra NSW

The reason for our visit to Cowra was to attend the monthly meeting of a CMCA chapter.

Over the course of the day, four other vehicles arrived to complete our group, which comprised of three motorhomes, two caravans and two campers. With the exception of one of the campers, all attending were CMCA and chapter members.

We welcomed all of the new arrivals before heading to the shed for happy hour alongside a roaring fire.

26 July 2014 – Cowra NSW

After breakfast we were joined by two of our friends for a visit to the local Japanese Gardens.

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The gardens are one of the main local attractions. The weather was overcast but provided almost perfect lighting conditions for photography. As expected, the gardens were in magnificent conditions even though we are in the middle of winter. After completing our walk around the gardens, we enjoyed coffee before “He” spoke to staff about using the quad copter during a future visit to Cowra. Staff were very enthusiastic about aerial photography of the gardens and agreed with the request. We hope to undertake this project later in the year. Any photograph taken will be given to the gardens.

We had a counter lunch at one of the hotels in Cowra before heading to the remains of the Cowra POW camp. We were a week short of celebrations to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the famous breakout. There is little left of the ruins but the site still remains as a monument to those who were killed.

We all enjoyed happy hour which included a sausage sizzle provided by the caravan park management. This was followed by a trivia night (individual) and much to our surprise, we both ended up with the highest identical scores. Even more of a surprise was that we did not have identical answers. The park managers provided a week’s free camping accommodation or a couple of nights in cabins as the prize for winning. After the conclusion of the trivia, a record player was started and a selection of old rock and roll music filled the night. It was very pleasant in front of the roaring fire.

27 July 2014 – Cowra NSW

A relatively quiet day was planned with a visit to an adjacent museum on the agenda. There were also plans to fly the quad later in the day.

We had previously negotiated a “seniors” admission to the museum which was packed with war relics, old rail relics, vehicles and everything else a collector would accumulate. We spent a couple of hours looking at the past.

Another member of our group had a radio controlled aircraft so a plan developed to use the quad to capture the other aircraft in flight. “He” was very sedate with the quad limiting the altitude to around 100 feet. That strategy proved wise when a small single engine aircraft flew over the top of us at an altitude that “He” normally would operate the quad. Why the aircraft flew over us and so low we will never know as we were a long way from Cowra airport and the aircraft was operating too low to be landing at the airport.

Once again happy hour was in the caravan park shed / camp kitchen where we enjoyed the warmth of the open fire.

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