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8 May 2014 – Port Lincoln to Elliston SA

We apologise for the delay in posting our blog as we used up all of our internet access five days before the end of our monthly charging period.  We asked our ISP (phone call to a Telstra Call Centre) for a temporary increase and was initially told that our mobile data plan could be changed but it was then impossible to revert back to the original plan.  After making a further enquiry (at a Telstra shop in Mildura VIC) we were told that we could do it ourselves via the account management option on the Telstra web site.  After accessing the web site we chose not to as Telstra wanted an additional $50 for 7gb for the remaining 5 days.  

Much to our surprise they are now advertising three (3) free top-ups each year if you have Telstra broadband.  Seeing that we cannot take broadband on the road, it’s time for Telstra to start to think about providing reasonable service for mobile customers.  Now back to the blog…………

We watched the sun come up over Porter Bay as we realised that we were about to leave this beautiful part of Australia.

The trip to Elliston was not that long and part of the trip was on the road we travelled yesterday to Coffin Bay.

We were in no real hurry to leave but were on the road just after 9:00am.

We stopped for morning tea at a roadside stop where another caravanner suggested that we follow a dirt road at the roadside stop to a lookout with coastal views.  We used the facilities in the caravan to prepare coffee (“He” was flying the quad copter whilst the coffee was being prepared) and then took the advice given and followed the dirt road to a parking area that gave us more fantastic views of the rugged coastline.  Had we not stopped for coffee, we would have missed the lookout.

Elliston is a very small town and we found the local bakery open for lunch.

We all checked into the local caravan park where we were told that a film crew from Discover Downunder was doing a segment on Elliston.  We were also given a local map and suggestions of a couple of scenic drives that would highlight the local coast strip.

We did the scenic circuit and saw more coastal features that left us staring in awe.  We had only seen a very small part of the coast and can only imagine what we will see in the future when we explore the Australian coast further.

We had our evening meal in the local hotel which appeared to be the only life in the area.

It then started to rain.

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