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16th May 2014 – Mildura VIC

When we booked our two nights at Mildura, we were told that Mildura was fully booked due to a rock concert on Saturday night apparently provided by “Tripple J FM”.  We were very lucky in obtaining the last available site at the Big4 Deakin Caravan Park.

When we visited Orange World yesterday, we offered to take some aerial pictures for the owners and also some internal pictures that could be used in advertising.

We left the caravan park around 9:15am for the short drive across the border to Orange World.  We passed the site where the rock concert is being held and noted the activity with the preparation.  Shortly after we saw the first of many police cars that were either monitoring speed or involved in random breath testing.  Mildura is alive with a police presence.

We actually arrived at Orange World before the owners and “He” had the quad copter up taking photographs fairly quickly and before the wind increased.

More pictures were taken whilst we enjoyed morning tea with the owners.

After we left Orange world, we headed back across the border from NSW into VIC and headed to a gemstone retailer, “Woodsies”.  We had a quick lunch there and “She” purchased a nice pair of garnet earrings.

We then headed to the park that runs adjacent to the Murray River where we saw the paddle wheeler “Rothbury” heading down the river.  We missed the photo opportunity but decided to chase the paddle wheeler to “get the photograph”.  The boat was heading to the Mildura lock so we headed there as well.  We have been on a vessel travelling through a lock so it was a different experience to watch from the shore.  We took our pictures and then headed back (past another RBT in the centre of Mildura) to purchase fuel before returning to the caravan.  We walked to the local Woolworths supermarket to purchase meat for tea and then put our feet up for the remainder of the afternoon.

The caravan park is full of campers all here for the rock concert.  We wonder if the managers of the caravan park have actually overbooked the park as there is a limit to the facilities and some of the sites have a large number of people staying on them.  Time will only tell.  We will get up early and leave as soon as we can on Saturday morning.

“He” watched the Swans play Essendon and went to bed a happy man with the Swans the victors.

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