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10 May 2014 – Whyalla to Port Pirie SA

It was actually fine when we ventured outside of the caravan. The alarm had been set for 7:00am but we stayed until 7:30am. With a 9:00am departure planned, we had to hurry breakfast and our normal routine to prepare for travel. All that aside, we were ready to leave just after 9:00am.

Our friends needed fuel and were also going to have a look around Whyalla so we would travel alone to Port Augusta where we would meet again.

After pulling the caravan off the camping site, “He” stopped to clean our review cameras that were covered in muck from the trip from Elliston.

We finally left Whyalla at 9:25am and had a fantastic run to Port Augusta. Conditions were still with little traffic on the road. We were able to travel at 100kph as the conditions were perfect for driving.

Before we reached Whyalla, “He” passed a couple of slower vehicles. In a matter of minutes, the number of vehicles we have passed since owing a caravan had doubled.

We stopped at Whyalla to wait for our friends to arrive, they had toured Whyalla after we left them earlier in the day, and once they arrived, we headed to the Whyalla Visitor’s Centre for morning tea. After morning tea, we headed independently to our next overnight stop at Port Pirie.

Driving without wind was a pleasure and before we knew it, we had arrived at Port Pirie and had the caravan set up.

After our friends completed their check-in and unpacked, we explored Port Pirie. Whilst this is an industrial town, the main shopping centre is large with a surprising variety of shops. Most of the fast food outlets are there as well as the regular supermarkets.

We stopped at the Visitor’s Centre and looked at the “Shakka” exhibition where a model of what is believed to be the largest white pointer shark caught in Australia is displayed. The white pointer was caught (actually it drowned) on fishing lines near Port Germain SA in the late 1990’s. The remains were photographed and then an identical model was created by a staff member from the Adelaide Museum. The shark was over 5 metres in length.

After leaving the visitor’s centre we completed our tour of the city when we stopped to view the smelter and the grain loading facility.

We had our evening meal at a fish restaurant called “Barnacle Bill’s”. The meal was enjoyable.

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