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6 May 2014 – Port Lincoln SA

It is amazing how time flies.  We are well over the half way mark of our trip.

We planned to have an entire day looking around Port Lincoln and this was the day.

First stop was at the local tourist information centre where we collected a range of brochures and booked into a planned tour of the “The Fresh Fish Place” at a cost of $20.00 per head.  This was to be a highlight of our stay in Port Lincoln and part of our “Seafood Trail” experience.   The Fresh Fish Place web site states “You are invited on a “Seafood Lovers” guided tour of our multi fish species processing factory. The Tour Learn about our diverse local fishing and aquaculture industries, observe how the fishermen’s catch is received, packed and stored. View the many and varied species of the day. See how we open Oysters, peel Prawns, clean squid and witness the famous King George Whiting being filleted at high-speeds. The Tasting Come and taste the renowned Coffin Bay Oyster and enjoy a tantalizing tasting of our in-house smoked fish and pickled Mussels, Squid, Octopus & Scallops.”

We asked about whale watching in the area only to be told that the visitor’s information centre had not received an email about the presence of whales. As quick as a flash, “He” asked what ISP the whales use to send their emails.

The staff at this information centre were very helpful and gave us a large volume of information.

Unfortunately we received a phone call from them just after leaving informing us that the staff member who conducted the tour at the Fresh Fish Place had gone home sick and the tour had been cancelled.  We did receive a refund.

Disappointed we stopped at McDonalds for morning tea before looking at the statue of the race horse, Makybe Diva that is erected in a park on the Port Lincoln foreshore.  Makybe Diva was owned by a local tuna fisherman.

Next stop was at “The Fresh Fish Place” where we had lunch.  We enjoyed local fresh oysters ($11.90 a dozen, in the shell) followed by King George whiting.

With our bellies full, we headed back to Port Lincoln to visit the Alex Stenross Maritime museum.  The museum celebrates the maritime history of Port Lincoln and the exploits of Alex Stenross and his partner, Frank Laakso who were boat builders.  This museum was well worth the admission fee.

We then visited the marina where most of the local fishing boats are moored together with a large number of luxury boats.

We went back to “Del Giorno’s” for tea and we all enjoyed pizza.


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