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2 May 2014 – Adelaide SA

We planned to go to the Barossa Valley today but the weather forecast was far from satisfactory with storms, small hail and showers predicted.  We checked the forecast for our alternative destinations but the forecast was the same.  So we went to the Barossa Valley.

During the drive north, we ran two GPS devices in the car.  Much to our surprise, each GPS wanted to go a different way even though they are configured alike.  The older of the two actually chose the better route.

The main reason for our visit to the Barossa Valley was to go to a farm operated by Maggie Beer, who is very well connected in the cooking circuit.  Her kitchen on the farm has been used in Master Chef and was also featured in a cooking show.

We had a lovely lunch before attending a cooking demonstration in the afternoon.  We also attempted to visit a dried fruit distributor in Angaston only to find that the location has been closed for a considerable time.  So much for the accuracy of tourist brochures!

Whilst returning to Adelaide, we travelled through one of the heaviest rain showers we have ever experienced.  At times the road became virtually invisible and it became very difficult to see road markings.  Fortunately the rain was only for a short period of time.

We returned to the café at the caravan park and enjoyed their $10 Friday night schnitzel special.

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