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27 April 2014 – Mount Gambier SA

We set the alarm for 7:00am but decided to sleep in until 7:30am.  We both agreed that we needed the extra time in bed.

After breakfast, “He” decided to remove the fuse for the audio in the car to see if that would resolve the issue with the in-dash unit.  Shortly after, the unit starting working again but we don’t know if removing the fuse fixed the problem or if the problem will reoccur.

Today would be a day of sightseeing in this wonderful city.  There is something different about Mount Gambier, it is quiet, very clean and everyone is very friendly.

Our first stop today was at the Cave Gardens, a sinkhole in the middle of the city.  The sinkhole is surrounded with flowers and almost leaves you speechless.

But better was to come at the next site we visited, the Umpherston Sinkhole.  The gardens here are fabulous and we decided that we could easily sit at the bottom of the sinkhole and enjoy the surrounding gardens for a very long time.

Our final visit for the morning was to Engelbrecht Cave where we enjoyed morning tea before venturing underground into the two caverns of this dry cave.  “He” is having knee trouble but fortunately the 300 steps in the caves did not cause any problems.  It is almost unbelievable that a tourist cave is situated under houses and a major highway in the middle of a major city.  Whilst we were at the cave, there were divers exploring the cave as there is a belief that the cave extends further with a rock slide blocking additional chambers.

We had another quick trip to Bunnings to purchase two cooler bricks that we will use in our refrigerator when we cross Spencer Gulf on the ferry.

We finally returned to our caravan where “He” watched the football whilst “She” headed back into town to shop for clothes.

We had a quiet night in front of the television finally turning off the light when the Logies finished.

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