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26 April 2014 – Warrnambool VIC to Mount Gambier SA

We were awoken by heavy rain in the early hours of the morning.  The rain was forecast but for us would disappear as we headed west to Mount Gambier.  “He” was able to stow hoses and hitch-up in the dry.

The Discovery Holiday Park at Warrnambool is a total disappointment.  The caravan sites are small and it was impossible to open our awning and park the car on the site at the same time.  Yesterday it was a struggle to reverse the caravan onto the site due to the narrow road and the size of the site.  In the amenities block (men’s) near our site, one of the three showers was broken and a lock was missing from one of the toilet doors.  We were also told by other campers that the toilets had not been cleaned over the Easter period.  There is one road in and the same road is used to leave the caravan park.  Needless to say, the road is blocked every time someone places a van onto a site or hitches to depart.  We had to wait for two other vans to leave before hitching and we held up several cars whilst extracting our caravan from the camp site.  This place would be a hazard if there was a fire.

This is another example of trying to cram as many cabins into a site at the expense of the camping sites.  We will never go back there.  We even question whether this caravan park falls short of the Big4 standard.  The cost of the powered site was $37.00 and we were not given a tax invoice, just the credit card receipt.

We have the opinion that the closer you get to either water or the centre of a town, the smaller the camping sites become.

We spent the majority of the day driving into a direct headwind or at best, a cross wind coming in, from about 10 o’clock.  Fortunately the trip was just short of 200 kilometres and after setting our clocks back 30 minutes, we arrived in Mount Gambier just before 11:30am.

We stopped at the visitor’s centre and then headed to our overnight stop at the Big4 caravan park adjacent to the Blue Lake.  What a difference with friendly staff and the ability to pick our own site in a very large caravan park!

“He” also tried to contact the local agent for our in-dash unit as the trip today was completed without radio, CD or Ipod to help us with the boredom of the drive.  A message has been left and if necessary, we can stay an extra day if the agent is able to fix the problem on Monday.

After a late lunch, we paid another visit to the visitor’s centre before a quick trip to Bunnings. We also visited the local Coles for some fresh food.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent back at our camp site.  With a predicted overnight temperature of 3 degrees, we were happy to go to bed early.

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