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24 April 2014 – Seymour to Apollo Bay VIC

It was actually quite warm when we looked outside the caravan just after 7:00am.  The caravan park is located adjacent to the Goulburn River which was very still with small puffs of mist rising from the river.   After the flat battery of yesterday, “He” took special care in starting the Nissan and ensured that no power was drawn from the battery when the engine was not running.  Fortunately there was no evidence of yesterday’s problem and we were soon underway just after 9:00am.

The run from Seymour to Melbourne is around the 100k mark and the trip was completed in light rain from time to time.  The closer we got to Melbourne, the heavier the traffic became and we noted with interest the number of drivers who change lanes without indicating.

We took a wrong turn on one of the freeways as the instructions given by our GPS were misleading.  It only took a couple of minutes to get back to the right road and we were soon heading around the outskirts of Melbourne on the freeway to Geelong.

Our intended destination was Apollo Bay and rather than drive directly there,  we decided to detour via Geelong and head to Torquay and the start of the Great Ocean Road.  We have never drive the Great Ocean Road in an RV and we were both looking forward to the experience.  Today we found one of the problems with towing a caravan as we could not find any place to stop in any of the major seaside towns we passed through.  We had intended to stop to buy lunch but that proved not to be the case.  In fact we had to wait until Apollo Bay before eating lunch.

The country side is very green and we had no problems in negotiating the road to Apollo Bay.

We had booked into the Big 4 Pisces Caravan Park and were given a relatively small site that was very muddy and difficult to place the caravan onto.  We were told that the mud was the result of overnight rain and after discussing the size of the site, we were offered a site that was normally used by large vehicles.  Whilst we had power, we did not have water but that was not a problem.

We decided to have a look around the town only to find that our in dash multifunction unit was showing the reversing camera and would not reset.  We spoke to the supplier in Sydney who made several suggestions as to how to reset the unit but none worked.  The camera eventually reset but only after we reconnected the car to the caravan.

We spent dusk near the Apollo Bay golf course before heading back into town to purchase seafood for our evening meal.  The temperature continues to drop, however, the forecast for tomorrow, the day we visit most of the attraction on the Great Ocean Road, is excellent.

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