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20 – 25 November 2013 – ACC Sydney City Slickers Muster at Norah Head NSW

As we have written recently, in addition to our membership with the CMCA and the Hilltops Rangers Chapter, we are also members of the Australian Caravan Club and the local Sydney branch, the Sydney City Slickers (SCS).

Normally we would attend the Christmas meeting with the Hilltops Rangers but due to family commitments we decided we could not attend that meeting so we chose to attend the Christmas meeting of the SCS. In future years, we will try to manage both if it is physically possible.

One of the advantages of the SCS gathering was the close proximity to Sydney and the ability to be home within 90 minutes if family needs required us to do so.

20 November 2013

With a little over 100 kilometres to travel to our destination at Norah Head, there was no need for an early departure so we waited until the morning peak hour had finished and left home just after 9:00am. Today was also the first time we had taken the caravan north and the trip in city traffic from our home to the entrance of the freeway near Hornsby would add another dimension and challenge to our caravanning adventure. It was also the first time we had pulled the caravan over Gladesville Bridge, negotiated the road from Hunters Hill to Epping Road and the final parts of Ryde Road to the Pacific Highway at Pymble and the Pacific from Pymble to Turramurra where we join the highway heading north.

There is no need to detail the trip to the freeway as it was made without issue in relatively light traffic. The same can be said with our trip north on the freeway to Tuggerah where we exited to allow us to stop at Kangaroo Tent City to collect a globe for a lantern that we ordered several months ago.

We arrived at our destination, The Norah Head Tourist Park just before lunch and shortly thereafter were setting up on a site that was far from level and full of holes that were potential trip hazards. Fortunately the uneven site was the only complaint we had about this excellent park.

[singlepic id=287 w=640 float=left]Before attempting to put up our annexe for the first time (see picture), we renewed our friendship with club members who we met at Mudgee.

We were very impressed with the result once the annexe had been erected and pinned to the ground. The amount of additional space is fantastic and our led strip light is the perfect means of illumination.

Later in the afternoon we joined other club members for happy hour when we received the news that a close friend from Canberra had lost her battle with cancer. We were both devastated with the news having become very close with our friend and her hubby over past years. Her passing is further testament not to put off for tomorrow what you can do today. No one knows what is around the corner.

We cooked our first meal in the annexe that night.

21 November 2013

We had a relatively pleasant night having cooled the caravan via air conditioning before we headed off to bed.

Strong winds were predicted today as well as more wind and rain in coming days. Having decided that we would go to Canberra for our friends the funeral irrespective of when it would be, we decided rather than run the risk of having to take down and store a wet annexe, we would take it down today. It would also give us the opportunity to “learn” the best way to take it down and store it for future use. We did so but left the awning up secured by our new rafters and the full length anti-flap kits.

[singlepic id=290 w=560 float=right]



After lunch we headed to the Norah Head Lighthouse and spent time taking photographs of the area around the lighthouse and the beach.  In spite of the recent bad weather, the sea was very clean and we enjoyed soaking in the smell of the water.

Many year ago (when “He” was very young) a family trip to Norah Head almost ended in disaster when the young “He” approached a black snake on the path to the lighthouse.  It was only quick action by “His” father that prevented a possible snake bite.  “He” still remembered the place on the path where this incident took place.  We were able to take a picture of the lighthouse with the sun directly behind.

Again we enjoyed a happy hour with the group

We later dropped the awning with storms forecast.

22 November 2013

Friday was an average day weather wise and we decided to head to the shopping centre at Erina. The Central Coast is growing at a rapid rate and we noted significant amounts of road work between The Entrance and Erina and it appeared to us that Erina Mall had grown in size since our last visit there.

We spent what seemed like an hour driving around the centre unable to locate any space to park the car. We have never seen a car park so full with so many vehicles trying to find parking. We had to assume that everyone us on the Central Coast had the same idea as us.

We drove to Terrigal and found a small restaurant where we had lunch. We later drove to the headland to the south of Terrigal for some more photographs.

We were back at camp in time for happy hour and a sausage sizzle provided by the branch.

23 November 2013

We awoke to the sound of thunder and watched storms pass to the south and north of our location. This continued for the majority of the day but we were spared any damage from the storms. In fact, we had very little rain, only the continuation of the wind. We learnt that the storms had caused an electrical problem with a neighbouring caravan and we all experienced a quick power outage during the morning during one of the storms. During the afternoon the Weather Bureau issued a severe storm warning for our area including a possible tornado. Fortunately none of this happened.

Our branch had its AGM during the afternoon.

Saturday night was spent in the adjacent sports club where we all enjoyed our Christmas meal. The meal consisted of alternatives and we had fish and steak. The food was excellent.

24 November 2013

We had a community breakfast followed by a visit from one of Santa’s helpers. Those present were given presents. A large number of members left shortly thereafter as this was the final party of the “formal” proceedings.

Later in the morning “He” noticed one of the members being given instructions on the use of a metal detector. The lessons took place in the sand surrounding a jumping pillow. The sand was actually yielding several coins and “He” asked if “He” could also be shown how to use our metal detector. So, shortly thereafter, “He” was scouring the sand and was able to find several coins as well.

We had a quiet afternoon before joining the remaining members of the group for happy hour when it was decided to purchase pizza for the evening meal. Without any fuss, we all agreed on the type of pizza we wanted. The pizza was excellent.

25 November 2013

We were up early and ready to go shortly after 9:00am. Our return trip home was without incident. We had enjoyed the days away with the group.

[singlepic id=291 w=1040 float=center]

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