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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



Central Australia – 2013 – Fuel Consumption

Before we purchased the Nissan Navara / Nova Caravan combination, we searched the internet to attempt to find out how much fuel a 2.5L, 4 cylinder Nissan Navara would use to tow the caravan.  We actually didn’t get an accurate answer, only estimates and guesses.  We have been keeping tabs on fuel consumption since the purchase and we are starting to gather some meaningful but sometimes confusing information.

We will be doing somewhere between 7000 to 8000 kilometers during this trip and will document consumption accordingly.

The caravan ATM is 2764kg, GVM is 2386kg and we are probably travelling around the 2.7 mark.

The Navara can tow 3000kg and with allowance made for additions to the Navara (bull bar, canopy, additional fuel), full fuel tanks plus our personal effects, we figure we are about 100kg short of maximum load limits of the Navara.

Trip Leg Weather Tow %  Terrain Litres per 100k’s
Sydney NSW to Canberra ACT Wet, heavy rain at times, easterly winds 99 Hilly 15.87
Canberra ACT to Narrandera NSW Overcast, very little wind 97 Undulating for first 100k’s then fairly flat 14.93
Narrandera NSW to Balranald NSW Overcast, head wind for majority of the trip 97 Flat 16.83
Balranald NSW to Mildura VIC Overcast, light winds 99 Flat 15.54
Mildura VIC to Renmark SA Overcast, light winds 90 Flat to undulating 14.76
Renmark SA to Peterborough SA Clear, very strong head wind for 90% of the journey 80 Flat to undulating 17.50
Peterborough SA to Port Augusta SA via Whyalla SA Clear, light winds for the most. 90 Hilly crossing the Flinders then relatively flat. 15.24
Port Augusta SA to Pimba SA Clear, head wind 99 Flat 16.77
Pimba SA to Coober Pedy SA Clear, head wind 100 Flat 17.70
Coober Pedy SA (trip to Breakaways and around town) Clear / overcast 0 Mostly flat 11.46
Coober Pedy SA to Marla SA Clear, head wind 100 Flat 18.70
Marla SA to Erldunda NT Clear, head wind 100 Flat 18.50
Erldunda to Yulara NT (trips to Uluru and Kata Tjunta) Clear, little wind 60 Flat 12.42
Yulara to Erldunda NT First half no wind then strong head wind 100 Flat 16.34
Erldunda to Alice Springs NT Erldunda to Alice – headwind & 18.7lit per 100k’s.  Calm afterwards 40 Flat 14.81
Alice Springs to Erldunda NT Clear, slight cross wind 100 Flat 15.90
Erldunda NT to Marla SA Clear, slight stronger cross wind 100 Flat 16.53
Marla to Coober Pedy SA Clear, cross wind tending to head wind at times 16.74
Coober Pedy to Woomera SA Clear, slight head wind at times 99 Relatively flat 16.16
Woomera to Hawker SA Tail wind to Port Augusta then strong head wind to Hawker 100 Flat to Port Augusta then climb into Flinders Ranges 16.88
Hawker to Hawker SA Head wind to Rawnsley Park (35k’s), moderate winds afterwards. 18 Undulating to and from Hawker, remainder travelling through the Flinders Ranges (some 4wd etc) 11.38
Hawker to Peterborough SA Light winds – variable 100 Undulating 16.33
Peterborough SA to Broken Hill NSW Light winds 80 Flat to undulating 14.78
Broken Hill to Wilcannia NSW Tail wind 100 Relatively flat 14.93
Wilcannia to Cobar NSW Tail wind 100 Relatively flat 15.01
Cobar to Dubbo NSW Tail wind 100 Relatively flat 15.02
Dubbo to Sydney NSW Tail wind 100 Undulating with Great Divide crossing 15.45


Overall Average was 15.597 litres per 100k’s.


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