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2 August 2013 – Broken Hill to Cobar NSW

Prior to going to bed yesterday, we set our alarm clock forward by 30 minutes to EST. Our alarm was set for 6:00am but our bodies knew that the time was really 5:30am.

We had a long drive planned for the day with a fuel stop at either Wilcannia or the roadhouse at Emmdale. Broken Hill to Cobar would be an absolute stretch for the Nissan that has a comfortable range or around the 400k mark.

According to our watches, we left Broken Hill at 7:45am and headed east directly into the rising sun. There was very little traffic on the road and with a tailwind (yep, you read right, a TAIL wind) we covered the first leg to Wilcannia with ease. We refuelled at the only service station in town (Liberty Fuel) and then continued our eastward journey to the Emmdale roadhouse where we stopped for lunch.

With the tail wind still behind us, we arrived at Cobar at around 2:30pm and checked into the local caravan park. “He” had considered continuing to Nyngan but felt that a drive of 467k’s was sufficient for the day.

After we setup our camp, we visited a lookout that gave views of the open cut mine that had been operated. Mining is still happening in the areas but not for copper, but for gold.

Whilst we were looking at the open cut, a grader and a vehicle descended the spiral road to the base of the mine and then disappeared into a tunnel cut at the bottom of the mine.

We did a quick shop in the local IGA before heading back to the caravan to cook tea.

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