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24 July 2013 – Marla to Coober Pedy SA

We stayed hitched last night and all we had to do to depart today was to stow our grey water hose, coil up our power cord, set the sway bars, retract the stabilisers and then leave.  If only it was like that all of the time.

We had our alarm set for 6:00am but we eventually managed to get up 20 minutes later.  It was warm in bed and we both knew it would be cold when we headed to the amenities block for the morning rituals.  We were right!

We were away by 7:45am and straight into the service station for fuel.  By 8:00am we were heading south to Coober Pedy.  We stopped for coffee at Cadney Homestead and even though we had to make the coffee ourselves, it certainly hit the mark.

We had a slight headwind during the trip and our overall fuel consumption was a little higher than we like but still manageable in the overall picture.

There was a fair amount of traffic heading north with the majority being full sized caravans.  Most of the caravans we have seen on this trip were pop-tops, but not today.  We have only seen a handful of “owned” motorhomes but lots of hired ones.

We arrived at Coober Pedy close to 11:00am and went straight to the caravan park.  We are on the same site that we used two weeks ago.

“She” has had an upset tummy so we spent the remainder of the day in and near the caravan.  We had considered going to The Breakaways to watch sunset but decided not to.  The next time we really want to see a sunset will be at Broken Hill when we head to the lookout just to the north of Silverton.

We did attempt to seal the rear tray of the Navara with rubber we purchased in Alice Springs and we actually like what we have done.  Whilst the seal is not 100%, it is very close to that.

We had our evening meal in the caravan before “He” ventured outside to photograph a magnificent outback sunset.  The decision to stay put and not go to The Breakaways was vindicated by the magnificence of the sunset that we saw from the steps of the caravan.  We have digital television reception so there is evening entertainment.

We intend to sleep in tomorrow.  We are going out to dinner tomorrow night with our friends from Coober Pedy.

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