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20 July 2013 – Alice Springs NT

We have been trying to find the Sturt’s Desert Pea.  Whilst the plant is an annual, there are clusters of the plants already flowering around Alice Springs.  One such cluster is in the middle of the road at an intersection on the Stuart Highway just below ANZAC Hill.  Needless to say there are no crossings there and a trip to the middle of the road to take a photograph does involve a little danger to one’s life.

So, today we decided to look for the plant at the Olive Pink Flora Reserve (the local Botanical Gardens).  We had no luck but did see several kangaroos in the hills surrounding the reserve. Today it is also cold with the mercury expected to only reach 18 degrees C.  Is it finally time for jackets? No………, not yet.

After leaving the gardens, we visited the Old Telegraph Station located to the north of Alice Springs.  Why we have not visited here before is a mystery and the place is worthy of the entrance fee.  There are several old buildings with various displays inside and the area is very well maintained.  We also observed several species of parrots that we have not seen before.  One was identified to us as the Port Lincoln Parrot which is also known as the Australian Ringneck.

Lunch was at McDonalds with some free wifi with the hamburgers.

The girls visited the National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame museum during the afternoon while the boys could not resist a visit to the new Alice Springs Bunnings store.

Bunnings Alice Springs is a great store.  Whilst it has only been open for a month, it is airy, clean and spacious and a great improvement on were we normally go in Sydney.  We didn’t spend any money there but there are a couple of things now on a wish list when we return home.

Once again we had dinner with our friends in their cabin.

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