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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



17 July 2013 – Yulara to Alice Springs NT

We were up well before sunrise to prepare for our 446k drive to Alice Springs. Prior to sunrise, the colours in the clouds from the sun below the horizon had to be seen.  We took photographs that to document the spectacle.

We left the resort at 8:15am in very still conditions.  Our fuel consumption dropped to 13.8 litres per 100k’s before the wind started.  That level of fuel consumption was achieved with cruise control set at 83kph.  We were travelling directly east and were lucky that the sun was behind the cloud cover which made the drive very comfortable.  As the cloud disappeared, the wind rose and was coming from the north east.  We had another head wind to contend with.

We stopped for a short time at Mt Connor before proceeding to Erldunda for fuel and lunch.

Just before Erldunda we were passed by a large converted bus towing a car and then by a Winnebago Leisure Seeker.  The bus actually caused a lot of drag before passing us but the surprise was the Winnebago passing us on a sweeping right hand bend with very little visibility where a vehicle coming in the opposite direction would have cause the Winnebago big problems.  Why did they pass us when we were travelling at close to 90kph, to get to the fuel bowser first?  If the driver of the Winnebago reads this and remembers us, please think in the future before passing a caravan on a curve.  Another stupid decision like that might cost you your life or that of your passenger.

We actually had to queue for fuel at Erldunda for a considerable amount of time.

By the time we left Erldunda, we were driving directly into a strong headwind.   The wind killed our fuel consumption with rose to the highest level we have experienced since leaving home (around the 20 litre mark).

It was during the trip to Alice Springs and with our friends following behind, “He” introduced a slight sway to the caravan by simulating a serve r to avoid an animal.  We are not sure if the ESC system activated but the caravan followed the car perfectly and no adverse effect was felt through the steering wheel.  We have actually experienced no sway of any sort since leaving Sydney.    The wind started to abate about 30klms short of Alice Springs and we were able to increase our speed to finish the trip.

There was no one waiting when we arrived at the caravan park and we were soon on our site.  The caravan park had actually allocated us a motorhome site as we had stayed there before.  They were more than happy to relocate us to a larger site for the caravan which was actually closer to our friends.

After we completed our setup, we all headed into Alice Springs to purchase food for the next few days.

We purchased chicken for tea which we all shared.

Alice Springs is hot with the temperature around the 30 degree mark.  Fortunately cooler weather is forecast for later in the week and for the weekend.

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