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15 July 2013 – Yulara NT

We were up at sunrise but decided not to go to the viewing area at the campground as it does not do justice to the colour changes on Uluru.  Instead we took our time to get ready to meet our friends at 9:30am for our first full day at Yulara.

At 9:30am we all headed to Uluru.  First stop was the entry gate to the National Park where we parted with $50 for two three day passes.  Next we went to the Cultural Centre but decided not to stop and headed to the area from where you can climb Uluru.

The locals have signs everywhere asking you NOT to climb but today it was a sign from National Parks stating that the climb was closed due to high winds at the summit that did stop us from even attempting part of the climb.  The sign did not stop one idiot who decide to jump a fence and climb anyway.  He stopped on several occasions to see who was watching and when the rangers arrived and hailed him to stop, he chose to ignore them.

We had a walk around part of the base of the rock before returning to the car park where we noted that the local police were waiting for him to descend.  We were later told that he would probably be fined at substantial amount for his moment of idiocy. The dill!

We had lunch in the café at the Cultural Centre before returning to the Yulara Shopping area.

One of the other things that we had considered whilst here was an airplane ride over Uluru and Kata Tjuta.  So at 3:00pm, a decision was made for the boys to fly over Uluru and Kata Tjunta.

The trip was made with Ayers Rock Scenic Flights in a Cessna 172.  Duration was about 40 minutes.

The view from the air was magical and we were able to see the results of a major fire that had burnt close to the Ayers Rock Resort last December.  Nature has an amazing way of rejuvenation and the country side looked magnificent from the air.  On our return to the airport, we were able to see the site for the Tali Wiru dinner on the previous evening.

We had our evening meal in the dining room of the Desert Gardens Hotel.  The meal was very nice but expensive.   Tomorrow will be a visit to Kata Tjunta.

We returned to the caravan and were in bed by 11:00pm.

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