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13 July 2013 – Erldunda NT

Today was almost a lazy day.

With no pressure on us to travel, we did not set the alarm clock and arose from bed just after 7:15am.

We had our first load of washing in our machine before breakfast and by lunchtime, three loads had been washed and dried.

During the morning we cleaned the rear tray of the Navara which, much to our surprise, showed little evidence of the gravel roads we had travelled on around Coober Pedy.

We spent a lot of time talking to our neighbours who come from Queensland and are full time on the road.

This blog was updated as the last posting was almost a week ago.

Together with our neighbours and another couple and their children, we went to the roadhouse bar for happy hour and we all had their $10 fish and chip special meal that was excellent.

We returned to the caravan around 8:00pm.

It is still around the 20 degree mark and we are experiencing a barmy outback evening.  The weather forecast for Yulara looks good and our evening meal under the stars tomorrow night draws closer.  At this stage we do not think we will have to rug up for the meal if the weather remains the same as it is now.

There was another accident outside the roadhouse this afternoon with Asian tourists in a rental car failing to make the turn into the roadhouse.  The car ended up in a ditch and against a tree with a fair amount of damage to the front.  They were all OK but appeared more concerned as to how they would get to Yulara.  They were asking if it was possible to hire another vehicle but they now have to wait until tomorrow to contact the rental company.  Apparently there will be a fee of $800 to recover the vehicle and one can only hope they have some form of insurance.   They were booked into one of the hotels at Yulara tonight but they are spending the night in the motel at Erldunda.  The reason they missed the turn was speed and once again highlights the need to exercise care irrespective of where you are driving.

The accident yesterday involved a Fuso converted bus which we saw today.  We did not know the owners.  There was significant damage to the front of the bus and the car they were towing came loose during the accident and impacted with the rear of the bus.  There was significant frontend damage to the car.  The third vehicle was removed last night.

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