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7 July 2013 – Port Augusta to Whyalla SA

As a result of the cancellation of the ground tour at Roxby Downs, we decided to visit Whyalla, a city on the eastern side of Spencer Gulf about 80k’s from Port Augusta.  Whyalla is a steel producer.

As we only had a relatively short distance to travel, our priority today was to leave the caravan park prior to their 10:00am departure time.  So we set the alarm for 7:30am and were away two hours later.

Today was the first time we have not turned right onto the Stuart Highway as you leave Port Augusta.  Instead we proceeded on the Eyre Highway and then the Lincoln Highway to Whyalla.  We were on the road for just over an hour.  Fortunately there was little to no wind and that has reflected in a dramatic reduction in our fuel consumption.  We also travelled around 95kph today and that felt very comfortable.

We were able to get into the caravan park early and immediately did a couple of loads of washing which we were able to dry outside using our new clothes line.

We made a later afternoon visit to Coles and now believe we are set for food for our trip north.  We have used a cryovac machine on all of our meat (beef and chicken) and we should be able to use the meat over the next couple of weeks.

We watched 60 Minutes with interest as there was a story about Robinson R44 helicopters.  It is our intention to take a helicopter flight over Uluru and the company we are likely to use has three R44’s in their fleet.  Fortunately we learned at the end of the story that the problem with all R44’s in Australia should now be rectified or the helicopter is not able to fly.  We will check this before committing to flying in the aircraft.

Tomorrow we will visit the steel works and the museum attached to the visitor’s centre.

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